Thursday, January 29, 2009

What a waste

[From WMUB Forum 1/23/09:]

What a shock to hear this morning that WMUB is "going out of business"! As a member of WMUB, I am greatly disappointed and wondering what's going to happen now. We're out here 10 miles North of Greenville and sometimes have difficulty getting your signal already. What will it be like when you broadcast from Cinti, which is much further South from us? Furthermore, which of your local programming broadcasts will be affected? The weekday, 9a.m to 10a.m, slots are some of my favorites and Diane Rehm is essential to top out the morning.

I will be listening to your 9 a.m. broadcast today for further info, but if all the rest of my questions are not answered, be aware that I intend to continue seeking explanations for this quite controversial decision on the part of your "suits".

FYI: Over the last several years, we've had more and more trouble getting a clear signal from WMUB. Have you lowered the power periodically and/or would atmospheric conditions be causing this? Secondly, there are several "religious" broadcasts located very near 88.5 on the dial (been there probably about 5 years or so) and I'm guessing they bump up their signal, especially on weekends. It's been a struggle to get your very informative NPR and local programming. Now, one can only guess what's going to happen. Just this past November I contributed $100 to WMUB (after the pledge drive) and, although I'm not asking for a refund, I would like to have a darned good explanation for this most depressing decision you've made.

TO THE WMUB BROADCAST STAFF: Thank you so much your professional demeanor as you've brought all of us out here the news, views, and listener input. Having listened to several other NPR fares (in San Francisco, Naples, FL, Richmond, VA, OSU-Columbus, Toledo, OH, and WYSO; all of you there at WMUB have gone above and beyond to make our days brighter and more informed. Wish I could say, "KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK", but looks like those decision makers have pulled the plug. --- WHAT A WASTE!!! WHAT A LOSS!!!

Best of luck to all of you,

--Betty, via email


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