Thursday, January 29, 2009

Removing one more independent voice

The transfer of control of WMUB to CPB will remove yet one more independent voice from the region. As was true when the same organization took control of WVXU from Xavier University about four years ago, the big loser will be the local listening audience. President Hodge is wrong to assert that the station does not directly advance the university's cause, as the station projects a positive image for the university across a wide swath of Ohio and Indiana. That doesn't even count all of those who have come to enjoy the station through on-line listenership and the recent HD radio channels. Many people who would otherwise have no knowledge of Miami University have learned about it through listening to WMUB.

Radio, particularly public radio, is chrged by the FCC to operate in the public interest, convenience and necessity, and this decision will precipitate the opposite of all of those.

--Steve, Connersville IN


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