Thursday, January 29, 2009

Very difficult to lose

As an area resident and loyal listener for decades and member of WMUB, I too am saddened by the recent announcement of changes at WMUB. As someone who has seen our greater Butler County community rapidly is very difficult to lose, yet something else, that has been a part of my life. I understand that there will still be NPR programming which I faithfully listen to....but I understand the loss of the local programming and loss of what has been an important part of the community and the university for almost sixty years.

I do understand the difficult economic conditions and that all things change,..... however, this particular change, ... this loss has really saddened me.

I will continue to listen to WMUB and will continue to support its individuality through CPR with the hopes that at some point in thefuture, the station will be able to return to what so many of us have loved and enjoyed.


--Judy, via email


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