Monday, January 26, 2009

Thanks and condolences

Economics preaches us to analyze choices in marginal amounts. In the case of WMUB and the ten people involved, the changes are radical.

I have had my differences with WMUB and its operation; I have expressed those to you. And you always responded in a professional way. I walked away at one point, but I came back quickly when the issues were resolved. I have been a day sponsor for many years, celebrating my partner's birthday. I was elated, as I expressed to you, when you changed to the all-news format.

Sadly, ten people have felt the pernicious blow of the budget crisis; thousands of others will have to suffer, too, with a deleterious decrease in local coverage.

... please express both my thanks and condolences to the staff of WMUB. On March 1, my mornings, late afternoons and nights will be greatly altered.

--Jerry, Oxford


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