Thursday, January 29, 2009

Sell the license to community radio

Why not just shut down WMUB and sell the license to somebody who cares about the community and public radio instead of inflicting us with a constant barrage of NPR programming rehashing the same stories all day long from the butchers who destroyed one of the best radio stations in the area? If WMUB were truly devoted to the local community, it would have dropped the NPR shows they constantly whined about in pledge drives as being soooo expensive and aired more local programming. Although I have a few NPR favorites, it was the local programming that had me foregoing the two public radio stations with stronger signals to listen through the static on my radio or constantly downloading podcasts. A true public radio station should be doing commentary, news and talk programming reflecting the values and interests of the listeners. Why wasn't the public's input considered in the decision? A news release and a fifteen minute broadcast trying to justify the decision after the fact was a slap in the face to your loyal listeners and financial supporters. Miami University doesn't deserve to keep their license for a public radio station nor should it expect any further financial contributions for it's support.

--Steve, Dayton


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