Thursday, July 17, 2008

I am very disappointed

I am very disappointed in the changes in programming coming soon. I tend to listen at various times throughout the day and night depending on my schedule and what I am doing/where I am. I like the variety of news/talk/music. Your message didn’t say anything about the local or national music shows on the weekend. I hope those do not go away. I also hope make the Mama Jazz show available as a MP3 download and not just a live stream. It will be likely that a lot of people won’t be next to their computer when they were used to hearing it on the radio.

Moving shows to HD or streaming is basically sending them off the air for most of us. I don’t sit next to a computer all night and HD radio is expensive. SO now I have a decision: give a donation to the station that doesn’t play what I want to hear or spend even more money to buy a radio that gets the programs I want to listen to. This just makes the divide larger between those who have money for a computer plus high speed internet or a $100+ HD radio and those that do not or just find it difficult in these hard economic times to afford such things. This is disappointing since you are publically funded and tied to a state institution.

--Robert, Miami University


At 3:46 PM, Anonymous Bill Stevens said...

Totally agree with this post. This will insure that only a tiny number of people will hear the jazz programming. HD is not a player for me on the road, and so I will have to switch to some other resource for jazz listening.

Guess I'll start loading up my MP3 player and keep the radio off. Sayonara, Mama Jazz. Sorry it had to end this way....


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