Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Your democratic bias

THERE YOU GO AGAIN! This morning news (8 a.m.) Cheri Lawson's piece about politics had a sound bite from Gov. Strickland promoting Barak Hussein Obama along with a brief mention that John McCain was in Portsmouth, Ohio at a town meeting. This is the template you NPR people always use. First a long sound bite of the Democrat candidate followed a brief statement that the Republican candidate was speaking at for example, Portsmouth. You just watch, you liberals will consistently use this type set throughout the campaign. That's why I stopped giving to NPR years ago. I contribute involuntarily through my taxes. You always say you are "listener supported" and always fail to say that you receive public funding too. In fairness why not say "LISTENER AND TAX PAYER SUPPORTED PUBLIC RADIO?"

--Jim, via email

[General Manager Cleve Callison replies:

We do acknowledge taxpayer support; we credit the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) several times a day as a supporter. We don't receive money from NPR; we pay NPR for the right to broadcast the shows we carry.]


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