Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Congratulations to the staff

Congratulations to the staff of WMUB for your award-worthy journalism! I comment to friends often about what I've heard on WMUB.

I'm sorry that some listeners feel WMUB's programming is so "liberal" that they must stop their support.

For myself, a Christian and resident of the political middleground, the necessity for conversation is an imperative. I never learn anything listening to myself talk. Nor do I learn much listening only to people who share views I already hold.

God never asked anyone to check their brain at the door.

I feel quite free to agree, or disagree, with the information presented or the guests booked on your shows. As I listen and begin to understand them, I can measure their beliefs--and my own!--against what Scripture teaches, and learn how I can be compassionate in my relationship with them. I can disagree without ending the conversation in disgust or anger.

When conversation stops, so does the chance to encourage or even challenge someone else. The Christian faith is all about relationships. If you go away mad, you've ended the conversation and probably the relationship.

--Donna, via email


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