Tuesday, January 27, 2009

What a pity

[From the 1/23/09 WMUB Forum:]

From what's been said today on WMUB Forum, I gather that we have to wait for however long to discover what will be the broadcast schedule which commences in March? (It appears that there IS NO PLAN! How annoying to listen to an information interview/forum where, as one guest confessed, there IS no information, and, "This won't be the first time I've spoken of things when I don't know what I'm talking about."

What a pity. No -- what a SHAME -- a shame for how this was, and is being (or NOT being) handled!

And what a shame to hear that WMUB's excellent staff was clearly blind- sided by this hard decision! After announcements at the end of the year that contribution goals had been met, I can but shake my head in wonder (and, given someone's earlier comment that contributor's donations might be "cheerfully refunded" upon request, I'm moved to wonder: what might be "the statute of limitations" regarding such requests......)

From the number of calls and e-mails from far away (Toledo and South Carolina to today's Forum, for example, and to local programs such as The Help Desk and others from Florida, Washington, and even Guam!) I wonder to what extent the "half-million listener 'footprint' is inaccurate....

My admiration and sympathies are with with the irreplaceable staff: you deserved better treatment, and you will be sorely missed.

--Michael, Oxford


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