Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Miami is losing an invaluable marketing tool

Thank you so much for the day sponsorship event at Jungle Jim's. My husband and I enjoyed the chance to talk to Lynn Neary, WMUB staff and with fellow NPR supporters. Of course the unfortunate circumstances of the station's closing cast a long shadow over the event. We are deeply saddened to loose the best NPR station in the area. We hope the MUB staff will find suitable employment in the area so they can contribute their talents to keeping locals well informed.

We donated $500 specifically to WMUB in Dec. because we value what the station has done and because we listen every day. With the station's unexpected closing and with it being so close to the new year, we feel entitled to a refund. Our plan is to regift the money to another local NPR station (probably WYSO) and to several of our favorite programs: This American Life (WBUZ) and Radio Lab (WNYC). These stations are also suffering from the downturn in the economy, and since we regularly listen to their shows we think they deserve our support.

My husband and I understand that President Hodges has economic issues that demand his attention, and we've heard that a year has been spent looking for alternatives, but we don't believe that the university has taken a far-sighted interest in the problem. We think that Miami U. is going to lose an important presence in Southwest Ohio, an invaluable marketing tool, and its stature as an institution of higher learning.

We hope that Miami U's loss will not deprive the area of the skills of the WMUB staff. We look forward to seeing and hearing the good folks at WMUB in new jobs in our area.

--P and J, via email

[Ed.: Miami has said that payments on pledges made on or after July 1, 2008 may be refunded on request. Money committed prior to July has been spent.]


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