Monday, January 26, 2009

Sorry to hear of the changes

I'm sorry to hear of the changes that are impending on many levels, and the decision by Dr. Hodge is at least short-sighted.

I am sure I am not the only person who would not really have knowledge of Miami University except by reports from WMUB.

If the goal of Miami University is to educate their students, the diminishment of sources for information is counter productive.

If the goal is to increase attendance, again shutting down WMUB will remove hourly on-air advertisements for Miami and direct attention to Cincinnati.

All newspapers are reducing staffs and centralizing printing, and Richmond has lost significant local coverage from the Palladium-Item as they have moved their printing to Indianapolis.

With an occasional report on local news from WMUB we were able to get additional perspectives on our area, so in this case, East Central Indiana is also at a loss.

I haven't discussed the numerous awards WMUB has received and the value to every farmhouse in the broadcast area and also know that once the lights go out it will be nearly impossible to bring them back on.

I really hope that all efforts were made to consider how far reaching this decision will be, and that it was the only possible alternative.

Again, I am concerned that it may be expedient, but not in the best interests of the citizens of Ohio and Indiana at large, or the present and future students of Miami University, short or long term.

--Jim, Richmond


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